Zekiel (NG)
Portfolio: Sleep, Dreams, Whimsy, The Fantastic, The Moon
Domains: Air, Darkness, Magic, Rune, Travel
Symbol: Crescent Moon
Favored Weapon: Chakram
Colors: Silver and Orange
About: Zekiel is a sleepy and relatively passive god, guardian of the moon and doorkeeper to the world of dreams, who would otherwise have little effect on the pantheon as a whole if he couldn’t sometimes see the future- a thing that no other god can do.
Zekiel Beds-
Can be used to refer to any crescent shape. The name comes from the common folk belief that Zekiel uses the moon as a bed, which sometimes gives it the shape.

New Moon-
Always a time on earth for covert deeds, the darkness of the new moon exists so that Zekiel, god of prophecy, can shift the stars so as to relate news of the future to astrologers without coming to Charalina’s attention. Comets are items that have fallen from his pockets during these endeavors.

Zekiel’s Pockets-
Oftentimes found items or items intended as surprises are said to come from Zekiel’s pockets, which are full of dreams. The saying is usually used among and to children- finding a pretty marble, a child might be convinced Zekiel dropped it, and a parent might tell a child that the dolly was found- it must have fallen from Zekiel’s pocket for her.

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