Taradessa (LG)
Portfolio: Nature, Life, Cycles, Natural Order
Domains: Animals, Healing, Plant, Protection, Weather
Symbol: Tree
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Colors: Green and Gold
About: Busybody of the gods, Taradessa has definite opinions on how things should be- summer before fall, plants rooted in ground, and no flying humans. As such, she is often blocking the machinations of other gods to thwart the natural order. She is also honored at harvest celebrations, and by those who make their livelihood by earth or forest.
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Familial Relations:
Created by Viedonna. Creator of Aisha and Justina.

Role in the Pantheon:
De facto leader of the Pantheon since she is the oldest after Viedonna, Taradessa is the guiding hand of the earth. She has final say over anything that the gods wish to introduce to the mortal realm. For example – she will not permit fossil fuels or gunpowder to be known to man (despite Berengar and Draven’s pleas).

Popular Stories:
She is most famous for the Settling of Dalka. When the earth was still being formed, Taradessa was attempting to establish the natural order. Dalka had been created by Vietomma to impede Taradessa’s progress. To bear the weight of Taradessa’s sorrow, she created Aisha to take on the world’s suffering, and help alleviate it. As a result, Dalka made Kie to assist in the havoc wrecking. However, even with Aisha’s assistance, Taradessa could not build faster than Dalka could destroy.
Taradessa and Aisha created the dream realm, and when Dalka slumbered, Taradessa went to him, and drew his thoughts into the dream realm. There she showed him all that could be accomplished if he would only stop destroying that which she created. Night after night she drew him to the dreams, and there she began to teach him how to build things himself.
One morning, Dalka awoke, and realized that he had fallen in love with Taradessa. To be with her, he drew all of the hate and violence out of him, and cast it away; thus Lethos came into being. Once that was done, he asked Taradessa’s forgiveness, and they have been consorts and collaborators ever since.

Another important act was the creation of Justina. After Lethos killed Aisha, Vietomma and Dalka joined one last time in order to create Draven. Upset at the necessity of her consort being with another, Justina, with the help of her brother Madock, created Justina using some of the ashes of Aisha.

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