Taradessa Dalka Vietomma
Justina Berengar Draven
Aisha Kie Sesek
Zekiel Hanaleo Kaisha
Aden Erjon Jaros
Madock Kittik Zubin
Viedonna Lethos Charalina

Creation of the Universe

Viedonna created light. It was a great accomplishment, but upon creating it, she realized that there was no way to see the light, so she created Vietomma to paint the sky black. Then Viedonna was bored, so she created the planets, while Vietomma begrudgingly painted the sky. Upon creating the planets, Viedonna wanted to create the elements, so she and Vietomma tried to work together to create Erjon. It was very stressful.After that, Viedonna decided to make life – but very quickly got bored with that, so she created Taradessa to follow through with the idea. Then Viedonna went off to create the sun to be a home for the gods while Taradessa created nature. In a fit of jealousy, Vietomma created Dalka to destroy everything that Taradessa created, and to be Vietomma’s consort. Unfortunately, destruction took much less time than creation. To alleviate her suffering, Taradessa created Aisha to take the burden of sorrow. Dalka thought that looked like a nifty idea, and created Kie to help him cause more suffering. Eventually Taradessa decided that enough was enough, and she and Aisha came up with a plan. They built the dream realm, and when Dalka was asleep, Aisha would distract Kie, so that Taradessa could guide Dalka to the dreams. In the dream realm Taradessa showed Dalka all of the great things that could be accomplished if only they could build the world. Not only did Dalka find the idea pleasing, but he also found Taradessa pleasing. In order to make peace with her, Dalka took all of his violence and rage, and created Lethos. Then Dalka was free to help Taradessa build the world.

Death of Aisha

Now, Vietomma was jealous of Dalka and Taradessa, so she seduced Kie, but quickly tired of him – he just didn’t have the power she needed. So while keeping Kie, she started seeing Lethos on the side. Seeing the love between Dalka and Taradessa, Kie wanted to find that with Vietomma. Kie went to Aisha for guidance, never knowing that Aisha was in love with him. She tried her best to help Kie get Vietomma back, but it was to no avail. Eventually, Kie realized that someone who loved him was already present and available, and that he actually loved Aisha back. For one night they knew each other.Meanwhile, Vietomma was mid-coitus with Lethos, but sensed that something had happened, and rushed off to put a stop to Kie’s adultery. Confused and angry, Lethos decided to kill Kie.Unfortunately, when Lethos charged in, Kie was asleep, and Aisha thew herself in the way, saving Kie, but at the cost of her life.

Treaty of the Gods

The death of Aisha shook the deities. Kie, so distraught, cried so much that he made he oceans – and subsequently, Kaisha to rule the seas, and Jaros to rule the deserts. Madock took the ashes of Aisha and with the help of Viedonna, formed the moon as a monument to Aisha. Madock also took some of the ashes to create Zekiel. Vietomma then went to Dalka, and convinced him that since Lethos was his creation, Dalka needed to create a keeper for Lethos – and Vietomma was the only deity other than Viedonna who had enough power to expend to create a being powerful enough to hold Lethos at bay. Taradessa knew that to be true, so she consented, though it was upsetting to know that Dalka would be with his old lover. As a result, Taradessa used some of Aisha’s ashes to create Justina, who would exist from that point on to combat Lethos. Meanwhile, Kittik was bored, and everyone was sad, so he made Aden to keep him company.For a while, everything worked. But the constant battling of Justina and Lethos was escalating, and eventually, Justina became pregnant with Lethos’ child – the circumstances are up to debate.Seeing that this had the potential to sunder the heavens, Taradessa called a meeting of the gods. They all agreed that they would create mortal races, and let them play out the wars of the gods. The gods agreed, and the child of Lethos and Justina, would be sent to the mortal realm to oversee the affairs; thus, Hanaleo became the god of war.

The Rise of Mortals

With the rise of the mortals, new gods were made. Dalka created Berengar (in secret from Taradessa) to oversee wizardry. Vietomma created Charalina to tend to the stars, and Charalina ended up creating sorcery. Erjon, feeling left out and pissed that the gods were going to fill his world with sentient beings, created Zubin. Meanwhile, Taradessa made the Fey race. Draven created the Orc. Kaisha created to Rusalka. Dalka, being an over-achiever, also created the Dwarves. Kittik, with the help of Aden, Zekiel, and Justina, made Humans. Viedonna made the Dragons. Many other races and beings were made in this time; unicorns, basilisks, hydras, and so on.

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