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Aden (NG)
Portfolio: Summer, Youth, Happiness, Warmth
Domains: Earth, Fire, Luck, Sun, Weather
Symbol: Drawn Bow
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Colors: Yellow and Green
About: Aden’s height of power is during the summer months when he walks the mortal world. The rest of the year is spent with his lover, Zekiel, in the moon. Aden has a special regard for those who don’t fit in, as he feels apart from the rest of the pantheon. In Dunelain, his temples handle branding into adulthood, marking the end of carefree youth.
Upside Down Symbol-
When worn upside down, Aden’s symbol means the wearer is a male prostitute, stemming from his relationship with Zekiel and the possible interpretations of an arc pierced by a line.

Yellow Moon Festival-
Taking place during the first full moon of summer, the occasion marks Aden’s arrival to earth. There are sports exhibitions, most importantly the archery entrance competitions. Toffee apples are a common treat, mimicking the shape and color of the moon. A kiss for good luck at midnight is customary in some parts of Cascadon.

Blue Moon Festival-
Taking place during the last full moon of summer, this festival marks Aden’s return climb to the moon, where he spends the rest of the year with Zekiel. The finals of the archery competition are held and winner crowned.

Aisha (NG)
Portfolio: Sacrifice, Loyalty, Vigilance, Friendship
Domains: Good, Healing, Nobility, Repose, Strength
Symbol: Overturned Urn
Favored Weapon: Unarmed
Colors: Gray and Silver
About: Although dead, Aisha still attracts a following. Her believers try to spread the ideals of self-sacrifice and good by doing their best to embody them, and it is common to go to an Aishan temple for advice, healing, and compassion. In this way, Aisha lives on as a major part of the pantheon and perhaps the most accessible god to the common man.
A Full Chalice-
Warm wishes or good luck- especially common in regards to those just married or having a child. Common forms include “May you have a full chalice” or “Gods grant you a full chalice.”

Berengar (LN)
Portfolio: Wizards, Invention, Notoriety, Power, Ingenuity
Domains: Artifice, Glory, Knowledge, Magic, Runes
Symbol: Scales
Favored Weapon: Repeating Crossbow
Colors: Purple and Copper
About: Berengar is a god who is weak in power, but less so in followers. This is because he is the god of those who study magic, which is the result of Berengar’s divine power being spread across the world. With hard work and intelligence, anyone can learn to wield this power for their own, but it, like Berengar, has little patience for those unwilling to put in the time to master their craft.
Berengar’s Quest-
Meaning to defy the gods, this saying hails from Berengar’s deep desire to find loopholes in Taradessa’s rules so that he might continue to innovate.

Charalina (CE)
Portfolio: Dark Magic, Self Interest, Experimentation, Pride
Domains: Darkness, Death, Knowledge, Magic, Rune
Symbol: Stars
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Colors: Yellow and Purple
About: Not a widely followed goddess, Charalina’s main claim to fame is as the mother of sorcerers. While other magic is either divinely gifted to the individual or studied assiduously, Charalina did not have the patience for anything other than results. She is mainly worshipped in the insular nation of Shadara.
A Visit From Charalina-
Stemming from the goddess’ voracious sexual appetite, it is said that young men’s nocturnal emissions are a result of a visit from Charalina.

Paying Charalina a Compliment-
To say something nice you don’t mean, so as not to cause offense. To imply that this vain goddess is anything less than beautiful and perfect would be to take one’s life in one’s hands.

Dalka (LN)
Portfolio: Construction, Development, Society, Rebuilding
Domains: Strength, Community, Destruction, Law, Strength
Symbol: Hammer
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Colors: Black and Green
About: Especially revered in Dunelain and by those who build and create for a living, Dalka is the god of order backed by might, possibly the most actively patriarchal god in the pantheon and ‘father’ to many of the other gods.
Thick Thumbs-
While mostly pejorative, a follower of Dalka might take perverse pride in being called thick thumbed. The saying implies that the person is so stubborn that they would continue hitting their thumbs with a hammer until they eventually manage to hammer in the nail. It can also be used to mean overkill- using a warhammer to hammer in finishing nails would almost certainly lead to thick thumbs.

Draven (LE)
Portfolio: Tactics, Strategies, Plans, Armies, Engineering
Domains: Darkness, Earth, Luck, Protection, War
Symbol: Compass
Favored Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
Colors: Black and Brown
About: Master tactician of the pantheon, Draven has been crippled in reach since his birth by the need to babysit Lethos, lest his rage cause more destruction. He is honored by both kings and peasants- although his methods are sometimes less than savory, they are always efficient and effective.
By Draven’s Maps-
From the story of a military commander so legendarily incompetent that he had to steal a look at the maps of the god of tactics to win, this saying means to eke out a positive result by very little- by the skin of one’s teeth.

Erjon (TN)
Portfolio: Elements, Forces of Nature, Power
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
Symbol: Open Hand
Favored Weapon: Trident
Colors: Blue and Sepia
About: Not much is known about the god of the elements, as he is more often placated than worshipped. Any worship of the elements, singly or in whole, is still worship of this god. Erjon is said to have been given the honor of destroying the world- it is sometimes said the only reason he has not yet done so is that he cannot choose a method.
Erjon’s Choice
A choice so difficult it might be impossible to come to a decision before a deadline. Most often used when it is sentiment rather than fact informing such a choice.

Hanaleo (TN)
Portfolio: War
Domains: Healing, Protection, Repose, Travel, War
Symbol: Tattered Banner
Favored Weapon: All
Colors: Ivory and Red
About: Every blooded solider, no matter their personal leanings, has worshipped at Hanaleo’s shrine and borne her banner. She is not known for prevention of death in war so much as she is for honorable death, and if a man dies in battle and is not claimed by another god, he joins Hanaleo’s eternal army.
Go With Honor-
The traditional military dismissal.

A Horse Named Victory-
Victory being the name of Hanaleo’s mount, it is not uncommon for eager young officers to name their own horse Victory, which causes some amusement among older soldiers.

Hanaleo’s Prayer-
Every solider on the field prays to Hanaleo…in one way or another. The official prayer goes thusly:
I go now with courage, to bring about blood, that Hanaleo may fight beside me with pride, and carry me to death on the back of Victory.

Jaros (NE)
Portfolio: Deserts, Drought, Heat, Exhaustion, Desolation
Domains: Artifice, Fire, Strength, Sun, Weather
Symbol: Sun
Favored Weapon: Falchion
Colors: Sepia and Ivory
About: It is rare to find a temple to Jaros anywhere but in a desert, but in the deserts, Jaros rules all. There are shrines varying from elaborate to very simple dotted around the perimeter, constructed by plan or by piety. A caravan will sacrifice and pray at a shrine before entering, and then again when they reach the other side in thanks, lest the god think them ungrateful for the gift. The god is said to be slightly more lenient with those who live their lives within the desert’s boundaries.
Jaros’ Veil-
Refers to either visions or the sun sickness that causes them, although some insist it is the desert or god himself playing tricks. Heat can do strange things to the human brain, and there have been many reports from caravans of people insisting there is an oasis where there is none. There are some sad cases where such victims have not been restrained and have wandered out into the desert, never to be seen again.

Justina (LG)
Portfolio: Victory, Chivalry, Courtly Manners, Confidence
Domains: Charm, Glory, Nobility, Protection, War
Symbol: Sword
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Colors: White and Gold
About: The goddess to the righteous, and especially revered in Cascadon. The Justinian faith inspires devotion of the sort that produces paladins, and is well organized and recognizable. She is also the mother of Hanaleo.
Take Up The Mother’s Shield-
Referring to the popular depiction of the goddess bare but for the shield held over her pregnant stomach, to be told to take up the mother’s shield means to accept your duties and make the best of the situation. It can also be a plea to a stubborn friend in need: to let someone take up the mother’s shield for you is to rely on them, and to let them help you.

Kaisha (NE)
Portfolio: Oceans, Storms, Floods, Anger
Domains: Air, Death, Travel, Water, Weather
Symbol: Storm/Wave
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail
Colors: Blue and Gray
About: Goddess of the sea, Kaisha has none of her mother Aisha’s compassion for humankind. Worshipped by those who ply the sea, and especially in Vestrea with their multitudes of ports, she is bribed for calm seas and swift winds. Kaisha does not care for ships, and her anger destroys them, but she is said to have some measure of care for her own creatures under her waves.
Storm Tempered-
Referring to one who has discernible mood swings, especially for no apparent reason. This can teasingly refer to a mild case, or be a serious accusation of something more like a bipolar disorder. The term hearkens to Kaisha’s famously volatile temper.

Kie (TN)
Portfolio: Cleverness, Subtlety, Observation, Manipulation
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Knowledge, Liberation, Trickery
Symbol: Circle
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Colors: Silver and Black
About: Kie’s past as a trickster god informs his worship by those of a less legal bent- he is a favored choice of rogues, thieves, and conmen. He has, however, reformed some since those eons. He is also the god of observation, and sometimes called on to locate lost items.
Kie’s Tears-
A term for heavy rainfall or storms, stemming from the story that Kie’s tears after Aisha’s death created the seas.
The Eye of Kie-
While any round item may be used to represent Kie’s eye for religious purposes, the Eye of Kie is a particular symbol: a circle with an inner spiral. Common forms include beads, fabric, or embroidery, especially on children’s clothing. Folk tales hold that Kie’s attention is drawn to his sign, so the Eye is meant as protection to the bearer. Conversely, most sneaky types avoid the sign, lest they prove unentertaining to the god and have unwanted complications drawn upon them.

Kittik (CN)
Portfolio: Casual Misfortune, Pranks, Accidents
Domains: Charm, Chaos, Luck, Madness, Trickery
Symbol: Ouroborus
Favored Weapon: Sling
Colors: Orange and Blue
About: The god of randomness, only madmen pray for Kittik’s blessings. While Kittik may be helpful, the likelihood of him keeping a thought for long enough to do something about it is rare, and finding companions to put up with his flitting attention can be difficult, so a worshipper may find themselves besieged until Kittik’s attention wanders.
Kittik’s Blessings-
As mentioned, Kittik’s attentions do not often go well for those who receive them. Someone experiencing a run of particularly bad luck or having strange circumstances constantly visited upon them might remark that they’ve attracted Kittik’s blessings- calling them curses might offend the god. Strangely enough, a run of good luck, no matter how improbable, is rarely attributed to Kittik.

Lethos (CE)
Portfolio: Rage, Battle, Killing, Murder, Jealousy
Domains: Destruction, Fire, Madness, Strength, War
Symbol: Flame
Favored Weapon: Throwing Axe
Colors: Red and White
About: Lethos is first and foremost defined by his temper- it is what led to his slaying of Aisha, rape of Justina, and his subsequent alienation from much of the pantheon. Besides that, he is also known as the Runner- his rage keeps him moving ever forward, his pounding footsteps turning the world.

Madock (CG)
Portfolio: Freedom, Equality, Fame, Experience, Rewards
Domains: Artifice, Fire, Glory, Knowledge, Liberation
Symbol: Closed Fist
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
Colors: Copper and Red
About: Figuring heavily in the prayers of the oppressed and the revolutionary, Madock is the god of doing what is right- despite the costs. He has a special connection with the mortal realm, having brought fire to free them from the darkness, and spends most of his time there wherever he is most needed.

Sesek (NE)
Portfolio: Torture, Manipulation, Perversions, Suffering
Domains: Evil, Healing, Madness, Repose, Trickery
Symbol: Tooth
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
Colors: White and Ivory
About: While the worship of Sesek is banned in some countries and tolerated in others, the faith is eerily pervasive. Because priests of Sesek are capable of healing crippling wounds, they may be sheltered within communities for these skills. Little is known about the god or his followers, but it is said that Sesekian temples are very quiet, and the streets around them always free of vermin.
Forgive the writer, who did exhaustive research but was unable to find any idioms referencing the god Sesek.

Taradessa (LG)
Portfolio: Nature, Life, Cycles, Natural Order
Domains: Animals, Healing, Plant, Protection, Weather
Symbol: Tree
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Colors: Green and Gold
About: Busybody of the gods, Taradessa has definite opinions on how things should be- summer before fall, plants rooted in ground, and no flying humans. As such, she is often blocking the machinations of other gods to thwart the natural order. She is also honored at harvest celebrations, and by those who make their livelihood by earth or forest.

Viedonna (CG)
Portfolio: Family, Life, Agriculture, Contentment
Domains: Community, Earth, Healing, Sun, Weather
Symbol: Rising/Setting Sun
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace
Colors: Yellow and Copper
About: Quite literally the mother of the rest of the pantheon, Viedonna is one of the patron gods of Cascadon. She is said to be building the sun, a never-ending task. All those concerned with budding life- farmers, breeders, midwives, pregnant or barren women and their husbands- pray to her.
When the Sun is Finished-
Similar to the saying “When pigs fly”, the sun eats itself as fast as Viedonna can build it, so it will never be completed.

Vietomma (LE)
Portfolio: Power, Lust, Fame/Infamy, Domination, Victory
Domains: Charm, Death, Glory, Knowledge, Nobility
Symbol: Cut Flower
Favored Weapon: Scourge
Colors: Gold and Purple
About: Hidden in the shadows, Vietomman worship is very rarely open. Most of those who would worship this goddess hide their affiliation. More common among nobility, royalty, the very rich and the upper echelon of the military, Vietomma offers these notables power at a price- the age-old seduction.
Vietomma’s Temple-
Referring to any location rife with corruption, especially royal and legal courts, trade halls, and military commands. Often spoken of in whispers only, for fear of reprisal.

Zekiel (NG)
Portfolio: Sleep, Dreams, Whimsy, The Fantastic, The Moon
Domains: Air, Darkness, Magic, Rune, Travel
Symbol: Crescent Moon
Favored Weapon: Chakram
Colors: Silver and Orange
About: Zekiel is a sleepy and relatively passive god, guardian of the moon and doorkeeper to the world of dreams, who would otherwise have little effect on the pantheon as a whole if he couldn’t sometimes see the future- a thing that no other god can do.
Zekiel Beds-
Can be used to refer to any crescent shape. The name comes from the common folk belief that Zekiel uses the moon as a bed, which sometimes gives it the shape.

New Moon-
Always a time on earth for covert deeds, the darkness of the new moon exists so that Zekiel, god of prophecy, can shift the stars so as to relate news of the future to astrologers without coming to Charalina’s attention. Comets are items that have fallen from his pockets during these endeavors.

Zekiel’s Pockets-
Oftentimes found items or items intended as surprises are said to come from Zekiel’s pockets, which are full of dreams. The saying is usually used among and to children- finding a pretty marble, a child might be convinced Zekiel dropped it, and a parent might tell a child that the dolly was found- it must have fallen from Zekiel’s pocket for her.

Zubin (CN)
Portfolio: Untamed Nature, Reclamation, Wilderness
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
Symbol: Five-Fingered Paw
Favored Weapon: Short Spear
Colors: Brown and Sepia
About: Zubin is rarely worshiped but for those who would see the natural order perverted- her touch can be seen in Zubin’s Wood in Cascadon, haven of twisted creatures and darkness, and the Black Grove in Dunelain. Her improvements make the very trees of the forest wholly unpredictable, and anyone who steps foot within would be wise to keep their wits and weapon about them.

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