Dwarf Temple Relief

The Great Tactician grows weary of his
He will leave The Red in the care of The Ever.
From The Red, The Ever will draw power.
With the power, The Ever shall raise an army.

As a wave they will crash upon the earth.
As a fire they will leave nothing but ash.
As a breeze they will blow past all defenses.
As a mountain they will be unbreakable.

They will follow a terrible leader.
He is blind to all but blackness.
His hands are claws. His teeth fangs.
A long lolling tongue falls from his head.

He hears and smells as a wolf.
He speaks and walks as a man.
He will replicate himself to the despair of
He is called, Most Despicable.

(In dwarvish “Most” is “Chay” and
“Despicable” is “Misom.”

Dwarf Temple Relief

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