Troubling Times

The ashes of Corvus have cooled.
Aper has fallen to Hestrean control.
No word has come from Murilegus in some time.
The Port of New Hope prepares for battle.
Ferre has become a city nation, drawing its civilians to the relative safety of its walls.
Rumors of monsters in the mines have been whispered to any who would hear.
Aquilla has become a refugee site for many Southern Dunelainians.
Canis is bolstering its boarders against increased Orc activity.
Also, prayers have become more powerful. Magic amongst the faithful has increased. The followers of Lethos have taken to spreading the gospel of love across the landscape. The Aishan priests have performed great miracles – curing blindness, cleansing disease, even preventing death.
:With Maugen at war and the queen sequestered in her tower, Kier is overseeing the Kingdom of Cascadon from his seat in Middle City.
But even in Middle City chaos brews. The recent fall of Kadessi has brought many refugees to the city, and the seedy underbelly has swollen with fresh meat.


Unglitteringold Unglitteringold

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