South - Towards Winter

South – into the driving snow and biting ice of Hestrean. Mayford’s men (Jarrod, Korbl, Treeleaf, and Frikka) rode their horses as far as they could before the snow became too deep for the beasts to continue. On foot, the cold only bit deeper. “Does it get any better?” Korbl asked. As far as Frikka was concerned, this was “like a spring snow.” And she was not incorrect. Fall is only now coming to a close, and as the party heads towards the cold, so do the seasons. One night, about a week into their journey, they came to a small alcove in a mountain, which provided them with some cover. While on watch, Treeleaf had a vision from Zekiel, god of dreams and prophecy. He apologized, and told her that something have to happen. Upon awaking from her vision, Treeleaf was naked, alone, and covered in blood: she had a miscarriage.
Battling hypothermia she managed to get back to the shallow cave where the other’s were sleeping – but they were not alone. Jarrod’s keen sniffer noticed the scent of jerky, which the crew had run out of days ago. Seeing nothing, he flopped down in despair. Korbl, however, noticed that a portion of the rock looked suspiciously cloth like, and upon informing everyone, a cloaked figure leapt out and stabbed THE FUCK out of Jarrod. (OOC, she totes could have killed him if she’d done it as a sneak attack, which she could have. See Richard? I don’t want Jarrod to die.) Treeleaf cast Entangle, which ended up saving the day, as the little ninja girl failed to escape the grasping vines at the most inopportune moment. It is also noteworthy that Jarrod frightened the earth with his justice-ly might. And Korbl’s tossing of his crossbow to Treeleaf also greatly assisted in helping the party generate enough damage to take down the poor little girl who wasn’t evil at all and tomorrow was her 14th birthday and now she’s not going to get the pretty blue dress that her best friend had made for her knowing that it would bring out her eyes beautifully huff.
NOT TO MENTION there were some strange occurrences during the fight. A loud thunder noise rang out several times, corresponding to holes appearing in the bodies of Jarrod and Frikka. After the poor, sweet, young, girl who had her whole life ahead of her was mercilessly beaten to a pulp by a massive blow from Frikka, a penultimate thundering noise brought down a pending avalanche upon, which blocked the cave. The ultimate thundering noise brought Frikka down, nearly killing her. But with the quick work of Jarrod’s healing spells, and Treeleaf’s healing knowledge, Frikka was saved. Also, Treeleaf noted that odd metal bits seemed to be lodged in the holes of Frikka’s body. With some emergency surgery, Treeleaf was able to extract the metal bits. Jarrod’s healing spells on himself were enough to painlessly push out the metal bits lodged in him. (For some OOC knowledge, check out Gunpowder and Flight.)
Now, trapped in the alcove, Korbl looted the body and everyone got some nifty stuff. Also, the word Cinquedeas got tossed around. When the party heard a snap noise come from the dead body of the young girl they had cruely murdered, Treeleaf tied it up, then dismembered it, much to Frikka’s delight. After a few days of digging and hard work, the party used their dungeoneering skills to work their way out of the avalanch without getting themselves crushed. They found Treeleafs tracks… and shreaded remains of her clothing where her boot prints turned into paw prints…. (For some OOC knowledge, check out Werebeasts of Cascadon.)
After setting up camp for the evening, a spark of light caught the party’s attention. Out across the vast expanse of snow, a great fire had been lit. Standing before the flames were the silhouettes of five horses, four of them bearing riders. A few long moments passed, and then the flame was gone as quickly as it had come into being, leaving only blackness.
Hakna Hadra.


I can’t help but feel that we are being made out as the evil ones?

South - Towards Winter
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