The party finally made it to Corvus and made camp on the outskirts of town. Jarrod noticed strange lights and the group tracked them to find an abandoned camp that probably belonged to Archer. This in turn led them to the probable location of the Hawk Legion. Despite Frikka’s disappointment at not finding the source of the lights the party went to the Hawk Legion. There Captain Wetherford had them arrested and was preparing to try them for treason as they had given the cup to the Aishens. With the help of Camille, Korbl’s sneakiness and Frikka rallying the captured Hestrians, they were able to retrieve their weapons and escape as the Hestrians took revenge on the Legion. Jarrod was deeply wounded in the retreat and the group fled south in hopes of finding the Earth Clan of Hestrians in the mountains.


Unglitteringold Treeleaf

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