Harvest Festival in Ferre

Discoveries and divinities

The party made it to Ferre and discovered that the city was celebrating the Harvest Festival – a bit late into the season, but not too late yet. Frikka ate fire. Korbl looked at nifty inventions (being followed by Elsker). Treeleaf danced and partied. Jarrod got a room at an inn (followed by a gaggle of onlookers).
Everyone was invited to the University, being as they were unique figures to be studied and learned from.
The party met up with Jarrod and after a brief confusion regarding sleeping arrangements, rested well.
The next day, before going to the University, the party went to the temple of Aisha to meet up with Camille. There it was revealed that the artifact they were taking to Wetherford is actually an ancient artifact of Aisha. It is known as the Chalice of Life.
They handed the chalice over to the Aishans (which was probably for the best considering the Silent and Servant who were present).
Frikka and Treeleaf went to the university, and Jarrod and Korbl went to the temple of Justina. There Jarrod prayed (and I rolled a 100) and his prayers were answered.
He received assurance that justice would be done to Eslker, and that Jarrod had done the right thing with the chalice. He also was warned that something was coming, and he was not ready to face it yet. There was also a vision of a statue holding a sword, and the word Veritas
The party gave lectures and did Q&A’s to interested students and professors. Treeleaf prayed and discovered that she might be pregnant. Frikka and Korbl partied. Jarrod hit the books and learned about the Blade of Veritas. With the help of Korbl and Frikka, they discovered information about the possible location of the blade in the Isen which is Hestrean for Ice Palace.


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