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Brief Summary of Getting This Far

Here is a run down of what I remember about what brought us here. I know I gloss over a lot of little details, but the major points are here. However- feel free to remind me of things or suggest things that you feel are important.

Everyone had a dream that sent them to Canis.
Treeleaf went to a temple of Zekiel and had her dream interpreted, and was told about a prophecy.
The party met an injured girl who needed to get to Castle Cascadon.
The party took a side trip to see an execution in Middle City.
There the party discovered that Colonel Jameson is a bad, bad man.
While everyone was busy, the girl ran off.
Once realizing the girl was gone, the party tracked her down and took her to Castle Cascadon, where they found out that she was a princess of Dunelain, engaged to wed the prince.
They also met Jayson Mayford, attache to the prince. He took them to a fancy dinner where Treeleaf got laid, Frikka talked about political ethics and philosophy, and Jarrod had a meeting with Chancellor Vulperian and discovered some unnerving information about The Queen, and her possible involvement with Sesekians and Vietommans.
At some point Jayson Mayford also told the party about a [[Jayson’s Prophecy|prophecy]].
Jarrod wrote a letter to his mentor about the encounter.
Jayson Mayford tasked the team with escorting an artifact of great value to the warfront in Corvus, where the Hestreans are attacking.
They were joined by Körbl, a Dunelainian tasked by the princess of Dunelain to escort the item as well.
Many days passed uneventfully, until the party smelled something off in the distance. The approached it and fought a Carpet Thistle.
They then went to Aper, where they discovered the city was about to be attacked, and met Valiant Fortes.
By taking out the Hestrean Stormcallers, the party helped save the city. Yay!
The party also agreed to help Camille, priestess of Aisha, get to Corvus.
They also took a magic staff belonging to one of the Stormcallers, and a Stormcaller of the Air Clan.
One night while camping, Jarrod destroyed the staff in the campfire, and Frikka was temporarily possessed by… something. She opened a chasm in the ground and talked about “false prophets” and such, then the Stormcaller fell into the chasm, died, and the ground closed up again.
Now fully awake, the part started towards the Hound Legion who were also on the way to Corvus.
The party discovered that Jameson was murdered by someone claiming to be Valiant.
To investigate they went back to Aper. They ran into Pugio Earthman along the way, and he brought them to where Sagitta Archer and Gentian Eric were staying.
The party learned that Gen and Archer had killed Jameson to avenge Valiant’s death.
To make up some lost time, the party decided to take a shortcut through the mountains in Ferre to get to Corvus.
On the way the party fell into or jumped into a cave. Camille agreed to lead the horses to Ferre and meet them there.
In the cave the party fought Tendon Kelp. That night Treeleaf thought she saw something, but no one else saw anything.
The next day the party discovered an ancient Dwarvish temple with a prophecy.
Also, Jarrod used Detect Magic and then shot a magic item being worn by an invisible person.
On the way out of the temple, they found a big cavern and fought a Hydra. While running away, Körbl tackled the invisible guy, who turned out to be Elsker from Northern Dunelain. Jarrod tortured him and found out that Elsker had been hired to observe them.
He relayed some personal information to the party that they may or may not have been personally aware of…
The party eventually made it out of the dungeon with Elsker in tow.


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