A Letter to the Vestrean Royal Family

To their Highnesses, the Royal Family of Vestrea.

Forgive my bluntness, but I know of no pretty way to tell you what I must.

Prince Savileon di Matildi su Vestrea is dead.

It is my understanding that since leaving your country, he had made his way to Corvus to set himself up as an anonymous bard, making his living by his wits and music. The attack upon Corvus, however, sent him into the Hestrean wilderness, which is where we discovered him. He accompanied us to the Issen to retrieve the Blade of Veritas, and though he took grievous injury there, he was still fit to continue on to Kadessi as we made our way back to Cascadon.

Castle Kadessi has fallen to the waters due to an act of sabotage, and the prince with it. He had asked of me to inform you should something of this nature befall him.

I had hoped to never have to fulfill his wishes. I cannot tell you how heavily his death weighs on me, and I offer whatever measure of comfort you may find in it to tell you that his funeral pyre was attended by friends.

Yours in sympathy,
Korbinian Rafael Engelram, Edler von Hvikseby
Mayford’s Men


Unglitteringold ChimingCopper

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